Release your blocks and rejuvenate your life in this 5 series guide through your Chakra system with Bryony Giboin!

Perhaps you have heard the word “Chakra” been called out in your yoga class but you don’t really know what is it? Maybe you feel a loss of power and control in your life? Or you simply want to journey deeper in to an awareness of who you are.
Within this series we are going to dive into and cover all of these topics, journeying through the 7 “wheels of energy” so that we can understand what they are and how incredibly connected they are to our physical, emotional, and spiritual self and finally bring awareness and witness how important role they play in our life and eventually in out healing process.

1st Chakra 16/12
Muladhara / Root Chakra
In our first class we will be exploring our connection to our “root” chakra, located at the base of the spine, a place of grounding and balance. Our programme will start off with theory, before moving into a grounding Hatha practice, and a guided meditation to awaken out roots.
All you need is your self and an open mind for your transformation to begin!

About Bryony:
Bryony was born in Edinburgh Scotland, but moved away from home at a very young age to follow her passion for dance, in turn leading her to be selected to work as a fitness trainer. Her career then took her between London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo where she was training the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney under the ‘Tracy Anderson Method’.
Drawn to yoga for its healing qualities, Bryony found the yoga mat to become her sanctuary during difficult and conflicting times. The mat brought her a sense of peace, acceptance and clear perspective. She began to travel and leave the city life behind and listening to a calling within, took her first teacher training in Bali under the “Yogaworks” vinyasa method. She continued to travel and teach across the world in places such as Bali, Morocco and Spain. She was grateful to work again with her teachers to graduate in Yin and Myofascial Release Yoga, which brought an even wider appreciation for the profound effect yoga has on the body. Bryony is now a 600 hour certified yoga teacher as she completed her advanced teacher training in Yogasana under her mentor Stewart Gilchrist.
Bryony draws upon background to create her style of yoga, a style that challenges and develops both mental and physical strength. Her passion for the philosophy of yoga is integrated in her classes, as she feels the power of yoga moves beyond just the asana. For Bryony, yoga can deeply enhance the lives of those who chose to let it, and she hopes to share this with all whom she meet

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