Yoga Intensive Workshop with Parveen Nair 11th & 12th of May

Yoga Intensive Workshop with Parveen Nair 11th & 12th of May

Our beloved teacher from Rishikesh India Parveen Nair comes for the second time in Athens Greece to give a unique 2 day intensive yoga workshop.

The workshop is focused on “JotirGamaya” (Towards the Light)
Jotirgamaya is an important peace prayer from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad an ancient Indian Vedic text. From ignorance lead me to Truth, From darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to Immortality, om peace peace peace.
This workshop is to weave the essence of the non-dual teachings of Advaita into the practice of Yoga. Yoga today has been reduced to mere practice of body work and breath work. The Yogis have known beyond the body and mind to discover the Truth which is all pervasive and ever present self. We shall bring together the practice of yoga and the proper understanding of Advaita Vedanta by studying the Shanti Mantra

Asad toma Sad Gamaya , Tamasoma JoyirGamaya
Mrityoma AmritamGamaya Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Workshop Length: 2 days (Progressive Asana, Pranayama and Lectures)
Saturday 11/5 | 16:00-20:00
Sunday 12/5 | 11:00-15:00

Asana class content:
1. Discovering deeper elements in standing asanas that will help move into deeper poses with mindfulness sequencing.
2. Activating the intelligence of the arms in arm balancing asanas
3. The physical doors and preparations to enter small to stronger back extensions

Lecture Content:
1. Understanding the relevance of the Mantra to our life.
2. What is the quest of our life’s and why is there an obstacle in achieving it?
3. How to discover our true nature by proper understanding of who we are and applying meditation as a means.

Pranayama Class Content:
1. Restorative asanas that will help cultivate awareness on the breath
2. Prana Vikshana – a practice recommended by the great Yogis of this era Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi
3. Going beyond the Fundamentals of Nadi Sodhana

Profile of Parveen Nair:
Guru Parveen Nair ji is a uniquely inspiring teacher. He is best known for his ability to help students and teachers embody a spiritual practice in Yoga. He has refined his methods of teaching in the Advaita Vedanta school of thought. His non-dualistic approach towards Yoga has allowed his students to build an authentic Yoga practice. Parveen’s passion for Iyengar yoga developed after he came across Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar’s most acclaimed yoga book, “The Light on Yoga“. He was drawn towards the emphasis in precision and alignment as well as the teachings of the Yoga Sutras. His years of practice and teaching reflect his commitment towards Yoga. Parveen has spent many of his years studying under Karin O’Bannon a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher and later in Pune under the guidance of Guru BKS Iyengar . Later obtaining his certification in Iyengar yoga, Parveen founded Swarupa Iyengar Yoga Studio and Yoga Sadhana in Malaysia and had natured many to the path of Yoga. Parveen Nair is now teaching in Rishikesh the Yoga capital.
His innate interest in Self-realisation has made him a devoted student of Advaita Vedanta philosophy. Parveen is inspired by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja.
Parveen takes a simple, direct and sublime approach towards yoga. As he would say, change in action is not spirituality but change in attitude is.

All classes are suitable for all levels.

Workshop Costs:
Full workshop: 80€
One-day: 50€
No VAT included.

Reserving your spot is necessary.
Reservations are registered after payment.
Certificate of attendance will be given.

Info & Registrations:
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